How to become a Fashion blogger?

How to become a Fashion blogger?

by Shima Katouzian

Blogging starts from what you know. First you need to make a primarily report based on your own talent and knowledge, blogging is a self-business that starts with you, so you basically invest on you and your talents by your own time and money, to eventually make your own brand, business and of course money!


Blogging is no cheap, should not be. Like any other small businesses should start with your investment but should grow with the money you make off of it? It’s up to you on how much to invest but in my opinion, the more time you put on, the less money should be invested at first, so if you are going to work on your blogging journey, and you know you are free from any other jobs or businesses, then I recommend you start with basic dollar investment too! So remember this formula: the more time, the less money (investment), the less time the more money (investment)! But why is that? The answer is simple! To start blogging you need website, platform and content. If you have time you can work on them all by yourself and if you do not have time, you’ll pay others to do that for you. Easy? Huh?


Your website is your business site. It’s your location. It’s your business. Doesn’t really matter if you are already famous or no, or if you have your Instagram following starting with K or M numbers or not, you need to have your own platform! A platform that will never go out of business unless if YOU close it. Remember what happened to Facebook? You definitely do not want to spend your time and money on a platform that is not technically yours and might take all the crowd in a blink of eye only because of a CEO’s mistake! You want to be liable for your own mistakes, not others. Then voila! Take the best domain and make a website! Put any content you think is related to your own brand, do not copy, do not steal, be you and write about you!

What domain?

Domain should be short and sweet. Do not go with .net and .org if you can. .com is always the safest to start with. For some reason people have more trust on .com websites too! Strange, huh?

If your name is going to be the name, and is long af, for God sake forget about it! This is not IRS form! Go short and sweet!


Content consists of pictures and bunch of words! Guess what? People only read if you give them what they WANT to read. What they want to read so? Easy! Whatever YOU WANT TO READ. Unless if you are a very weird anti-social individual, which in that case… Forget about blogging! JK. LOL

What picture?

Picture can be you if you are going to be the talent behind your brand. You can always use other models too but remember, the more you be you with your own time, the less money you’ll spend to start! If you go with Fashion, picture is everything. Basically your website will be your original Instagram feed! Go with your own unique style, be YOU. Again: do not copy, do not steal. Or if you do… do it in a way no one would notice! I mean is always cool to get inspiration, but inspiration is completely different from copying. I don’t care about copyright, but you definitely will once you get big. So get big as YOU!

How to get famous?

You need advertisement. That’s the serious part. Does not matter how pretty you are or how cool your pictures and outfits are. You need to show yourself to the world every day. Even God advertises herself every day. Sunset and sunrise is God’s daily ad! You need one too! Today’s online marketing is easier to get from Instagram and Facebook. You can get packages from them and make an ad video or picture to share your content. More followers on those platforms give more views on your website. But make sure you’ll have you website viewers to subscribe to your newsfeed. In that case once you start to sell anything. You already have some prospect buyers who have been along with you through your journey!

But my biggest recommendation is collaboration with other bloggers and influencers. Contact them and ask to meet up and go to events with them, take pictures, tag them and ask them to tag you too. If they would ask for some dollar to do so, then f*k it, spend from your investment budget. Lol. This one works better than solid Facebook and Instagram ads!

How to start?

You need to ask some questions and make a business plan for yourself based on your answers. Remember this is your business! Based on your business plan you come up with a capital number, based on that you put a budget aside and start!

What questions should I ask?

What’s my talent? – Fashion, modeling, makeup, tutorial, sports…

How to match colors?  – do I always go black and solid or I know how to match?

Perfect closet and ready to show off or I need to go for my dream shopping with my investment? (Imagine investing on yourself and go shopping!)

Can I take photos? Or can I make poses in front of camera? Am I ready to be online?

Can I write? Can I write about what I love and what other love? Do I know much about what I’m blogging about or I should study more? (Remember you should always study your field and your competitors in your industry, that’s a never ending process!)

What language should I pick to start?  How many languages do I know? Which one I’m more comfortable with? (It’s always good to be out of your comfort zone, but not in starting phase!)

Who is my audience? Men or women or both? Kids? Teenagers? (Age and gender are the basic info you need to gather for yourself to start)

Which country is my targeted location? You definitely are thinking of being INTERNATIONAL. Who doesn’t? But you need to start with one location or at least one nationality or race. This is not a discrimination fact, this is business reality! You definitely do not want to limit yourself, but language makes you separated anyway. And for your advertising you need a location to start too!

Do I need a camera? If you’re not a professional photographer and you have good camera on your phone, forget about this. Remember you are running numbers on your budget!

Can I edit? Edit in fashion is everything. Don’t tell me you believe every picture on fancy fashion magazines are real! If you don’t know. LEARN! I bet you don’t want to ask anyone to make you look darker or lighter

What website name should I pick? Short and sweet!

Who designs my website? It’s easy to make a website on templates! You just need to put some time and patience to learn. No patient? Add website designer wage to your budget!

When do I make money?

First, you won’t make money, you’ll get bunch of free stuff that you might not even like them! This is how this business goes. Different brands send you stuff so that you can review their products. At some point they’ll send some money with the products too. And at some point you’ll be in the position to ask for the money, and at the end you’ll be either an influencer who chooses brands and money, or you’ll have your own brand or product. Either way, your business in in the profit making stage.

What is my every day job?

You need to keep in touch with brands and businesses too! You can’t wait for them to find you in a busy influencing market these days. Make a plan for yourself to have at least 5-10 emails a day. Send them a portfolio and ask for business! Also make sure to reply all messages and emails. Even from businesses which only offer free products. Remember you are making a pipeline!

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