How to Make Affordable Styles Look Expensive?

8 Tricks to Make Affordable Clothes Look Expensive

by Shima Katouzian

    Luxury is equal to “Pricey” or “Expensive” in our minds. But is that true?

Regardless of our talent or knowledge in Fashion and Styling, every individual has the best cognition of their own body with a little to zero effort. Now imagine how every individual’s style would be unique and exclusive if we add some tricks on how to match clothes and put up an amazing outfit for every occasion in life! Just like adding spices to our meal. According to Merriam Webster, outfit is a clothing ensemble put together for a specific occasion. I would add: it also includes accessories (Jewelry, belt, purse, shades and shoes). With having these many tools in hand we can create a “delicious” I mean… An Expensive looking outfit with very affordable products. Here is the chef’s kiss:

                 1. Go with Neutral Colors:

Neutral or Monochrome colors can never let you go wrong! “White” has always been the color of luxury and rich. Nude color (Also known as Flesh or Beige) in modern and minimalist Fashion is also the right color for every skin tone while it also adds some shine to skin. Shiny skin is the secret to luxurious look. Try to have the whole outfit based on a combination of Neutral, Nude and White colors. Silk and Satin material ( You don’t have to go with 100% real silk!) is adding levels to this rich look. Click Here to see some satin products under $50

                 2. Keep it Simple

It is true that the less is more but not always and all the time, unless you are trying to make your affordable clothes look a lot more pricey (Which is this case!) So DO NOT add diamonds, Pearl or much of embroidered designs to your outfit.

                 3. Add Jewelry

While Pearl and Diamond  design is forbidden as a piece of art on shirt or pants, As jewelry added to the whole outfit can work just like the first kick to your Michelada!

                 4. Do Not Wear Graphic Designed Shirts

There might be very expensive brands with cute or even too much of graphic designs but that does not mean they also have an expensive look! Lets stick to rule #1: The less is More.

                 5. Oversize is BETTER than Tight!

This is a new norm and I cannot guarantee would be the same next 10 years, even though Fashion tends to repeat itself. But going one size up does not take any positive point from your whole outfit. I am going to be raw with you: Make sure the “Oversize Look” also matches your actual body size. love your body, embrace it and listen to it!

                6. Wear High waist pants or skirt

And have them with mid length also known as under knees or above ankle. This combo will make you look taller and adds to the minimalist and rich look.

                7. Add Belt to EVERYTHING

Now some outfits might look pretty fit and not in need to be held up with a belt, but Darling! A belt is just there to be there. Its necessity is just as much as straps to bra with a Dekolte dress!

                8. Invest on these Timeless Pieces and Keep them for YEARS!

Styling Tips: 

Shim Katouzian

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