Mission Statement

Herosheema.com is a website for every woman.  We call out worldwide to all with a possession to design.  It’s time to submit your artwork and welcome your much deserved recognition.  Your submitted design will be added to a wide variety of global fashion products.  Imagine your artwork being draped around a Parisian walking in Champs-Élysées or being displayed in Moroccan store window in Jemaa el-Fnaa.   Mothers in England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, India, Canada and other parts of the world might even be showing their daughters something in their wardrobe with your design on it.

You can speak with your design.  Bring your art, your word and your imagination to a life.  You can join a Worldwide Society of Women all gathered in one place on the internet.  Yes we sell online.  We sell products with your artwork, your writing and your signature.

Herosheema.com is composed of women who design and have the courage to speak through their art. Not just a resemblance of a hero, they are the true definition of a hero!  Our artists see the world through the eye of Fashion. We help everyone wear what makes them feel good.  Our fashionista’s do not condone any harm to animals.  Herosheema.com wishes to give and receive love all over the globe. Herosheema.com loves men!  They are all of our sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers.  We love everyone!  We support LGBTQ.  We fight only against the poverty, diseases, cruelty and anything else with a negative world known label.  Rightfully fighting against all injustice.  What makes a Heroes!

Why hersosheema?

Herosheema.com is driven by Heroism.  Made in California, by a Persian woman who herself had all kinds of trouble in her life and chose to empower, put it all behind and become a Hero.  She’s a survivor, fighter, dreamer, artist but most importantly a GO Getter!  She has no hero to follow.  She instead chooses to follow her passion for art.

“She” is coming with the help of language.  Only a few languages have a specific pronoun distinguishing gender, and one of them is English.  As much as we dislike identifying people and their abilities by gender, we love to reference our support to all women worldwide.

“Sheema” is the first name of our founder.

Our founder wants us to remember Heroism when we think of this domain.