To be creative

We all wake in the morning with an artistic thought. With a love that can’t be expressed. With potential that has never been utilized. Lines, shapes, colors and words running through our minds in all different directions.

Why do we stop ourselves from pursuing those things which define us, drive us, give us a

purpose to fulfill?
Why would we rather make excuses instead of planning our futures according to our passions? Today is the day we all jump out, fly and express our inner Hero! is your platform to display it all WorldWide… Write! Draw! Paint! Create!

Women of all ages and from all parts of the Universe will view what’s on that gorgeous mind of yours.

When your design is chosen as an addition to one of their wardrobes…

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a global charitable organization.

Styles Empowered and Inspired by WorldWide Heroes.

We all were born to make a difference in the world. Where do we all start on this journey?

How to start

Write, draw or design whatever comes to mind.  Show us what you see in the world we all live in.  This can be done by either creating a digital image or physically drawing on paper.  Think of what you want to see from the world.  Write what you feel.  Make sure to completely review and/ spell check your written work.  Make sure you have a clean resolution image of your drawing.  Once you are 110% sure of your file then add your signature/ name to your work and upload it through the submission form. will review and follow up with you by email

Please note: low resolution and/ or incomplete files will unfortunately be disqualified.

What to do

If for some reason you can’t come up with a subject… Spend a few days reflecting on your life. Think deeply about where you came from and what you have done so far. Think about all the mistakes and sacrifices. Think about your friends and family. Then write or draw whatever you feel! Art is what you feel. will receive and treat all your heroic life masterpieces with utmost love and respect.

What is next?

Once your art work has been chosen… will contact you by email. They will inform you of what exactly will be done with your artwork. Before your piece can be officially added to’s database we will require you to digitally sign an agreement. We want you to clearly know where your artwork will be used (online posting/ clothing/ accessories/ physical publication) and how you will receive accreditation.

How much does this cost?


This applies to any submission of art and/or writings to

The fine print

Please read our current terms and conditions here.

Those who submit both art AND article need to make sure their submission details/ signatures match so they will be receive SUPER HERO status!