Zeinab Oghabi Zadegan | Raha

  • Art Specification: Acrylic color
  • Title: Raha
  • Year: 2019
  • Artist: Zeinab Oghabi Zadegan

Zeinab from khorramabad, Iran: “This is for my future daughter. to learn how to be free and colorful.”

Opened my fist and reached over his hand to take it. took his away, bent his fingers and made a fist, put it in my palm. without looking at him, staring at our hands, let him go. Put my fingers back together again, made a fist and I was gone. gone and gone.


مشتمو باز کردم دستمو بردم سمتش که دستشو بگیرم انگشتهاشو بست مشت کرد و گذاشت توی دستم ، بدون نگاه کردن بهش خیره به دستهام ، رهاش کردم ، دوباره انگشتنهامو بستم مشت کردم رهاش کردم رفتم رفتم رفتم

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