Nikki Terry | Focus

  • Title: Focus
  • Art Specifications:  When I was painting this particular piece, I was going through a lot of turmoil, I was coming out of heartbreak and finally rebuilding and figuring out how to love others and love myself. the song Focus by H.E.R. was a big inspiration for me starting this piece. if you really look at the woman in my painting, there is a deep need, an urgency to be seen and wanted. I was dealing with not being enough and finding that I just need to be enough for myself. I chose blue because there is a calm in it, the tone also speaks to a deep sadness. That is truly all I wanted with this piece .. was achieve the deepness we feel all the time but do not express.
  • Year: 2018
  • Art medium: Canavas and Oil paint

Long Beach, CA native, Nikki got her start sketching in middle school. She was a fan of Japanese animation and drew inspiration from shows such as Fooly Cooly and Pretear. Art remained a steady hobbie for her until college where she began studying art at Long Beach City College. A major turning point for Nikki was her first San Diego Comic Con where she began developing her own style after meeting the hundreds of artist there. Nikki moved forward with pursuing a communications degree at California State University, Fullerton but still kept a strong connection with her artwork.

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